ALI 15xx support?

Alan Brown (
5 Apr 1997 08:18:27 +1200

This is probably the wrong list, if so, please point me at the right one.
I'm reading this as Usenet, and see no gated newsgroup
for IDE.

I've just taken possession of a virgin Acer Entra 300 to setup for a client.

This machine is fitted with Acer's V55 motherboard, and has ALI 1521 glue
logic and ALI 1523 PCI eide controller.

The kernel doesn't like this and grumbles about unknown PCI devices at
bootup, but otherwise seems none the worse for it. Does anyone know how
far off support for these chips is and/or if I should be sending it back
and telling the client to get a non-broken motherboard?


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