a humble apology

George H Byrkit (ghbyrkit@concentric.net)
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 07:51:36 -0500

A few days ago (monday?), I inadvertently posted to the newsgroup a
message that I thought I sent via email. It didn't show up in the
newsgroup until yesterday. It had shown up in the kernel digest the day
I sent it, which is how I became aware that I had:

Most Inadvertently 'Flamed' someone in PUBLIC when my comment should
have gone via email.

It was a response to a non-kernel question that suggested the user try
another newsgroup. I also advised the sender that their ISP
(GeoCities) seems to be a source of a lot of SPAM of late. Now that was
NOT meant to say that the original message was SPAM, just to advise the
person they might want a more 'ethical' ISP.

I know very well that this newsgroup does not condone such comments in
public, holding anyone up to public ridicule (except Prof I Lirpa and
his minions), and tries to help off-topic questions with private email
replies only, so as to not encourage off-topic questions here.

I was mortified to see my message show up last night, 4 days after
originally sent.

George Byrkit