Re: strangeness from netstat..
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 12:45:05 +0200

Anthony Pardini <> writes:
>tcp connections that seem to not finish up.. i'm running the pre2.0.30,
>inn1.5.1, DUAL PP180, Adpactec 2940 (with the patch for the stack
>corruption fix.. which strangely only appeared in the past with I enabled
>MMAP in INN. I am testing it again. )

Please upgrade to pre-2.0.30-2 and see if this still happens. There
was a memory leak in pre-2.0.30 that could leave sockets stuck in CLOSE,
I think we have fixed it in pre-2.0.30-2. If you still have the problem
in pre-2.0.30-2 please get in touch with me about it ASAP.


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