Re: April Fool's Joke

Michael H. Warfield (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 13:38:21 -0500 (EST)

THE =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=BF?= GUY enscribed thusly:

> I thank all of you that replied to my previos post and flattened that rumor. I
> also condemn most of you for your utter rudeness. There is a thread even now
> about what to do with newbie posts. I have stopped reading it, so I don't know
> what point it has reached. But one thing I can be sure of: Rudeness is not the
> answer. It is very difficult to work with linux because news comes from so many
> sources. If there is no (easy) way for newcomers to tell fact from fiction,
> Linux will go nowhere.

I don't know about Linux going nowhwere, it seems to be going
everywhere and steamrolling everything in its path... But...

I would LIKE to remind everyone here that the last two jokers to
pull this kind of stunt were Linus (the Linus hires on with Microsoft
joke) and Linus (The Linux-95 License joke). I don't recall EITHER of them
having any kind of disclaimer for the humor impaired. So lighten up. This
guy's major sin in my book was the fact that it hit the list on April 2
(unless his clock is way off). Linus hit us with his "I've accepted a
position at Microsoft" joke at something like 00:10 on April 1 (the boy must
SLEEP at that console). Other than that, this wasn't too bad!

> Avi Shevin


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