Patching of pre-2.0.30-2 problems..

Dave Dunston (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 18:15:49 -0600

I just got done patching my kernel with the newest patch for pre-2.0.30
and all the way throught is said that it was a previously applied patch
and do you want to assume -R? So I said yes all the way through and it
worked fine for the most part. I did get some errors while patching
though. Some bits didn't succeed. Here are the files it had trouble


Now are those errors acceptable or do I need to do something about them?
I did apply the first pre-2.0.30 patch also if that might of made a
difference. Also I had this other patch Eric Schenk gave me to do some
testing which might of affected. So if anyone know's what to do please
let me know. Thanks!!

P.S. Oh, I haven't yet compiled it, waiting to see if I need to do
anything :)

-Shaun Dunston