Re: upgrade from 1.2.13 to 2.0.X

Aaron M. Ucko (
01 Apr 1997 21:58:13 -0500

daniel provencher <> writes:

> At 05:21 97-04-01 -0600, you wrote:
> I did the setup on the spare machine, and copy all system acrosse the net
> via mont NFS on other HD on my 1.2.13 machine, all went good, and copy my
> all ISP file on my other HD, exept i cant copy /proc file system across the
> NFS, it tell me file not found..??, and when i try to make tar of my /proc,
> the tar respond to me file not exist for many files on the /proc, and i do
> it from this server, not via NFS, anyone have idea..??

/proc is a reflection of the state of the kernel, not a "real"
filesystem; you shouldn't try to copy it or back it up.

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