RE: upgrade from 1.2.13 to 2.0.X

James Mastros (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 20:14:25 -0500

From: daniel provencher[]
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 1997 6:36 PM
To: Doug Ledford
Subject: Re: upgrade from 1.2.13 to 2.0.X

At 05:21 97-04-01 -0600, you wrote:

I did the setup on the spare machine, and copy all system acrosse the net
via mont NFS on other HD on my 1.2.13 machine, all went good, and copy my
all ISP file on my other HD, exept i cant copy /proc file system across the
NFS, it tell me file not found..??, and when i try to make tar of my /proc,
the tar respond to me file not exist for many files on the /proc, and i do
it from this server, not via NFS, anyone have idea..??


Yeha, do NOT try to move your /proc fs. The proc files are actually dynamicly created, and Bad Things have been known to happen when trying things like that.

--- James Mastros