FDDI in 2.1.30? (Take II)

Daryll Strauss (daryll@d2.com)
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 11:25:09 -0800 (PST)

[Somehow I ended up with an empty message last time. *sigh*]

I'm trying to bring up your FDDI driver in the 2.1.30 kernel on an Alpha
and I'm having some trouble, so I thought I'd see if you folks had any

First, I took care of the header problems for the Alpha. Most of it was
simply a case of taking the non-SMP case out of the i386 headers and
sticking them in the corresponding Alpha header. Next, there were a
couple of fairly obvious problems with FDDI. Space.c didn't include the
fddi stanza and net/802/fddi.c seemed to be confused as to when it
wanted htons on the type and when it didn't. Those were relatively easy
to straighten out. The driver itself now loads and doesn't report any

My problem at this point is that when I try to ping something on the
fddi interface I get back:
ping: recvfrom: returned unknown error 512
and ping reports no packets are received.

I am starting to wonder if this might be a problem somewhere other than
the FDDI driver, because if I ping, I get the same error
message, but in this case ping shows that the packets are
received. Perhaps I'm missing something else I should have upgraded from
my 2.0.27 kernel.

Does this ring any bells for you? Has anyone tried to get the FDDI
driver running under 2.1.30? Any help you could provide would be

- |Daryll