Re: 1.9.1 and glibc 2.0.1

David Engel (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 10:50:45 -0600

On Mar 30, wrote
> while running, compilation and link of glibc 2.0.1
> into /usr/local/lib which is the first library in /etc/
> resulted in 'unable to load library-inconsistent soname' when
> ldconfig was executed.

This is expected. You should use with glibc.

> after upgrade to the glibc 2.0.1
> libraries appear to load (at least ldconfig is not complaining)
> however attempts to use these same libraries from
> a user program result in 'load failed for <arg>' where
> arg is the name of a symbolic link to a glibc 2.0.1 library.
> these links do exist and are valid but do not cross
> directory boundries.

How are you building these user programs that are failing? Are you
sure you are't mismatching dynamic linkers and libc's?

> strace of an affected program suggests the library lookup is
> being performed against /usr/lib ie stat("/usr/lib/").
> in my case there is no such file.

This is expected also. The dynamic linker will fall back to trying
/usr/lib (and /lib) as a last resort if everthing else fails.

> i should further mention that 'ldconfig -p' of
> characterizes all glibc 2.0.1 libraries as 'ELF libc6'.

This is correct.

> i dimly recall a changelog notice for suggesting it was
> being modified to not follow a link for certain cases.
> could this be an example?

Probably not.


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