RE: linux-kernel FAQ?

James Mastros (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 04:47:31 -0500

Better, have it post a pointer to the FAQ, so we don't get a multi-meg file in the mail once a week. <G>
Also, the following should be in:

> Has anyone noticed the objdump flags change lately? I just received this
> error from objdump today after updateing all my compiler related files and
> grabbing the new kernel.
rm `which encaps`

> Somthing about reimplementing in Java, or graphical bootup


> What will happen if I post somthing off-topic
You will be answered, then tarred and awked for asking an off-topic question.

--- James Mastros

From: Eric Hoeltzel[]
Sent: Friday, March 28, 1997 4:45 PM
Subject: linux-kernel FAQ?

Has anyone considered running a script from cron to post a weekly
FAQ to the linux-kernel list? Remember the "broken flock() emulation"
thing and the ever popular "how do I get off this mailing list?"
These are just two examples of many. It could include pointers on
list ettiquette and perhaps a list of "must have" files.

This seems like a really easy thing to do and maintain. It
would be invaluable to the many dedicated lurkers and newbies.
It would hopefully cut down on some of the noise. I value my
developers' lack of stress. I hate to see David Miller have to
deal with this kind of stuff:

> [ I am sending this to the entire list in hopes this decreases the
> number of these questions in the future, normall I would only reply
> the the person privately ]
> How do I get off this mailing list ???
> echo "unsubscribe linux-kernel" | mail

I will volunteer to maintain this if necessary, if it is concluded
that this has some merit and if no one else wants the job. I'm just
a lowly sysadmin though, perhaps not very qualified for the content.

Eric Hoeltzel