Re: Problem with applying patches...

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Sun, 23 Mar 1997 18:03:46 -0500

Try doing 'patch -p1<*.diff' it has always worked for me.

For the second part, look at your rc.* files and see if sulogin is loading
on bootup, and comment the line.

Tomás Restrepo Madrid

> From: Dave Dunston <>
> To:
> Subject: Problem with applying patches...
> Date: Domingo 23 de Marzo de 1997 5:46 PM
> I am trying to apply patch2.0.26 to my linux box which has 2.0.25 kernel
> on it right now. I type this command "patch -p0 < patch2.0.26" and it
> seems to work fine but at the end it asks me "File to be patched:".
> Could someone tell me what I am suppose to do there?
> Also another problem, actually not really a problem but when something
> kind of weird started happening a day ago when my kernel boots. It will
> get through up to inintrd and it will say
> "Enter password for root to do maitinence:"
> (Control-D to startup normally)
> I have never seen it do this before. Anyone know what it is doing and
> how I can make it stop showing up all the time?
> Thanks!!
> -Shaun Dunston