[offtopic] Re: An ODD question.

Alexandre Maret (amaret@infomaniak.ch)
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:17:50 +0100

Charlie Ross wrote:
> And allong similar lines... I have an extra LED (namely the turbo led)
> which is also doing nothing... posibility of doing doftware control on it?
> IE kernel swaping... or net activity... or somthing?
> Do I need to get a card for this? if so what kind? does linux support it?
> and about how much do they run...
> Anyone else have any suggestions for uses for my buttons and led?

you can do it without special card for this, you can use
your parallel port to do it. I know there is some source
code to do this (using the parallel port to drive an lcd
display to show the cpu activity). Take a look on sunsite...

and it's done in userspace... that's why it's offtopic on


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