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Sat, 22 Mar 1997 06:31:41 +0100 (MET)

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> By author: Dan Stromberg <>
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> > It's probably more important on x86 than any other, as right now x86 is
> > the most likely to survive into the future. (even tho things do change
> > fast, x86 is bit more likely than mips, ppc, sparc or alpha).
> >
> > EIS is selling (or is about to start selling) 8 processor PPRO systems.
> > x86 is definitely going "big iron", and has been, really, for some time
> > (negative "big iron" marketing notwithstanding).
> >
> > Supporting 64gb early, would be a good move - so long as a major
> > standard isn't skipped/missed. Saying no one will ever need such a
> > large RAM, would be foolish - it's mainly a question of when.
> The question is rather if IA-64 capable processors will be available
> before then. Remember, it doesn't help the virtual space.
> Also, the Alpha seems to be doing pretty well, and I doubt the SPARC
> is going to go away any time soon. MIPS and PPC I don't know about...

Almost 20 million MIPS were sold 1996. Not going away soon, especially
because a couple of companies (SGI, NEC, SNI, Toshiba etc.) are standing
behind it. If I look at DEC's performance at NYSE I fear for the
future of the Alpha most. Hope I'm wrong about this.