Re: doh. demand ISDN vs dynamic IP
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 14:30:00 EST

Pete Hartman <> ,in message <>, wrote:

> At 03:24 PM 3/17/97 EST, you wrote:
> >
> > For you linux kernel folks, read the bottom.
> > When I use a cat /vmlinuz on the server side instead of dd if=/dev/zero
> >things run shitloads (factor of 2) faster. That is so weird. Any clues,
> >kernel guys? And when are those paging numbers going to be anything other
> >than zero?
> 1) dd uses a very small default blocksize. Try adding
> "bs=64k" and see if it goes faster.

I was using 4K blocks (which fits in an inter-process pipe. I don't know
how big the network buffer is).

In any case, these processes should be able to saturate the 16KByte/sec
maximum (highly optimistic) throughput of an ISDN line. If they can't then
something is drastically wrong with either the PPP drivers, serial drivers, or
the BSPro (which has been hinted at in the past).

Bob Forsman