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Oskar Pearson (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 23:15:32 +0200

James Mohr writes:
> You can find it here: Be prepared to spent a lot of time downloading.

This is what mirrors are for: is the best ftp search site I have seen.


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> Subject: RE: Office packages
> On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, James Mohr wrote:
> >happening in the Linux world. First, several weeks ago, Caldera signed
> >an agreement with StarDivision (the developers of StarOffice) to be the
> >sole, world-wide distributors of StarOffice for Linux. I am running the
> >Beta of StarOffice 3.1 for Linux and it is GREAT!! It is as
> >full-featured as anything I can image and the fact that it runs on Linux
> >makes it obviously more stable than M$-Office.
> >
> Sounds great!
> >for Linux, as well. Even before that, they are completely compatable, so
> >you have the same apps running on Window$ as you do Linux. Plus, the
> >Linux version is *free* for non-commercial uses.
> Where (or when) can I get a copy? (I assume you're talking about
> 3.1 right now - that would be excellent)
> > All three of the packages can talk to their M$ counterparts (except
> the Office 97 versions).
> Just what I was looking for!
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