Fix for isofs/namei.c

Martin Buck (
Thu, 20 Mar 97 21:41 MET

ISO 9660 filesystems with RockRidge-extensions behave a bit odd when they
are mounted with "check=relaxed" (i.e. not case-sensitive). The problem is
that isofs_lookup() in isofs/namei.c always converts the filename to
lower case before trying to match it. This makes every file containing an
upper case letter inaccessible. This is probably due to the fact that
"check=relaxed" initially was only intended to be used together with
"norock", but IMHO it is useful on RR filesystems, too.

With the appended patch, isofs_lookup() tries to match the exact name
first. If that fails (and "check=relaxed" is set), it converts the name to
lower case and retries the match. This should make no difference on
filesystems without RR extensions and it has the benefit of doing something
useful even on RR filesystems. So you can add "check=relaxed" to /etc/fstab
and don't have to worry whether you mount a CD-ROM with or without RR

The patch was made against 2.0.29, but it should work with 2.1.x without
any problems.

--- linux/fs/isofs/namei.c.orig Sat Apr 13 11:14:45 1996
+++ linux/fs/isofs/namei.c Thu Mar 20 02:48:29 1997
@@ -242,9 +242,12 @@
if (!ino) {
char *lcname;

- /* If mounted with check=relaxed (and most likely norock),
- then first convert this name to lower case. */
- if (dir->i_sb->u.isofs_sb.s_name_check == 'r'
+ /* First try the original name. If that doesn't work and the fs
+ * was mounted with check=relaxed, convert the name to lower
+ * case and try again.
+ */
+ if (!(bh = isofs_find_entry(dir,name,len, &ino, &ino_back))
+ && dir->i_sb->u.isofs_sb.s_name_check == 'r'
&& (lcname = kmalloc(len, GFP_KERNEL)) != NULL) {
int i;
char c;
@@ -256,8 +259,7 @@
bh = isofs_find_entry(dir,lcname,len, &ino, &ino_back);
- } else
- bh = isofs_find_entry(dir,name,len, &ino, &ino_back);
+ }

if (!bh) {

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