Re: >256 fd patch...
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 11:16:58 EST ,in message <>, wrote:

> If you are compiling a new kernel from source each time you install a new
>> version (as most people in this mailing list probably do) then that is true.
>> However I expect that in the near future most Linux users will be installi
>> ng binary kernels without having the knowledge to compile their own kernel (
>> if this hasn't happened already). IMHO to support such use of Linux and to
>> compete effectively with lesser OSs we need to make these things tunable.

I can see it now, a little graphical dialog box that says "You have to
recompile your kernel and reboot to activate this feature. Do it now?"

BTW, dude, your paragraphs have no newlines. It sucks.

Bob Forsman