Re: Possible ISS4 Problem

Nigel Metheringham (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 09:31:50 +0000

} I compiled an ISS4 kernel shortly after it was released. I'm using ip_masq
} to connect my local network (using the ip block) to the inet
} thru a 33k6 dialup. Before ISS4, i had no problems, but now it seems like
} if I leave a telnet session idle for more than 20 minutes or so (maybe
} half-hour), it gets closed.
} I presume this is somehow related to the ISS4, as this never happened
} before updating to the ISS4 patch.

This is normal behaviour both before and after the ISS4 patch.

The masquerade tunnels have a timeout attached to them - this timeout
defaults to 15 minutes for TCP sessions. It can be modified using the
ipfwadm -s switch, as detailed in the ipfwadm man page.


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