Re: MSR support for x86

Wayne Schlitt (
10 Mar 1997 20:07:57 -0600

In <> (Alan Cox) writes:
> > [ ... ] but that's not the point. The point is that
> > some of this information can be used in surprising ways and I think we
> > should be really careful what we allow general users to access.
> This all misses the point. The whole reason for /dev files with
> permissions is so people can set them.

[ note: my original comments edited back in, slightly out of context ]

yes, the UNIX philosophy of "everything is a file", and can be
protected as such, is A Good Thing. However, these "unexpected
consequences" lead me to believe that having separate files for each
of the MSR's would be better than putting them all in one file and
doing seeks.


Wayne Schlitt can not assert the truth of all statements in this
article and still be consistent.