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James A Agnetta, III (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 18:39:25 -0500 (EST)

Hi David,

I know, I could only run setserial as root.

setserial /dev/cua* displays current settings

setserial /dev/cua1 "spd_vhi" makes my shinny new Sportster SCREAM!

Jim A.

On Mon, 10 Mar 1997, David Howells wrote:

> I'm trying to help someone get an internal Plug'n'Play modem work with the
> linux kernel and DIP. He's managed to get the modem card configured and
> activated properly through my pnp4kernel patch, but can't get setserial to
> find the modem.
> He says:
> > I have been reading the setserial man page, and have learned some things.
> > The current situation is that your configuration, activate, and request for
> > information echos work just fine and gives proper responses on the screen
> > for the modem io address and irq number [using my PnP interface]. But the
> > "${SETSERIAL}... command gives that "Permission denied" message on the
> > screen. That is strange because the command seems OK.
> > After bootup with only that single error, I can setserial manually myself.
> > Now it works fine. First I do just "setserial /dev/cua1," and it returns the
> > uart type, io address, and irq number. That is great, because I finally
> > discovered definitively that my modem has a uart of 16550A. The manual says
> > 16C550, and a Windows 95 window says UART: NS16550AN. What does a fellow
> > believe these days?
> > I also see that the modem is set naturally to an io address of 3f8 and irq 3.
> > Then I do setserial as in the rc.local script you specified, and it sets the
> > modem as we have wanted, io 110 and irq 5. This is great, but DIP still does
> > not go, and I cannot get "echo HELLO >/dev/cua1" or "cat </dev/cua1" to
> > work.
> > There are two problems: why does the "${SETSERIAL..." command not work in
> > the rc.local script, and why does it not properly set the modem when I do it
> > manually and the result seems OK?
> I asked him for some information about his modem:
> > Here some statements from the Telepath 28.8 Fax Modem User Guide that came
> > with my Gateway 2000 rig: Configuration, standard half-size expansion card;
> > Interface, 8-bit ISA-bus connector; COM ports and interrupts, Supports
> > Microsoft Plug and Play version 1.0a-for automatic configuration under
> > Windows 95; Data modes, Supports V.34+,V34,V.FC,V.32bis,V.32,V.22bis,V.22,
> > V.21,Bell 103,and 212A. There are more specifications, but they seem less
> > relevant.
> The PNP ID is USR1001.
> Many thanks for any help,
> David Howells
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