ISS incremental patch set is now available...

Jonathan A. Davis (
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 21:30:08 -0600 (CST)

After requesting permission from David, I decided to make a incremental
patch kit available. It's designed for those of us who heavily patch
their kernels and don't want to a) rollback a patch, and/or b) rebuild the
base kernel set.

You can get them from:

Also, please note that I will build incremental patch kits as David
releases them, but I admin systems during my normal 8-5 day and thus,
might not get around to updating the archive until after dinner. :-)
This archive will also only last until the ISS kit is incorporated into
the base kernel (2.0.30 maybe?).

Also, note that I give a different address for reporting a problem with
the patch kits, this address with work fine, but it's the one I use for
list-based mail and thus I might not get around to reading it for several

The following is a copy of the README I've placed in the archive.

ISS Incremental Patch Kit

The patches were made again a pristine 2.0.29 base kernel set.

They are designed for people like me who HEAVILY hack their base kernels
and don't want to have to rollback or rebuild the patch sets every time.

File list:

patch-2.0-ISS-test2.0.29-1.diff.gz (From base 2.0.29 to test1)
patch-2.0-ISS-test1-2.diff.gz (From test1 to test2)
patch-2.0-ISS-test2-3.diff.gz (From test2 to test3)
patch-2.0-ISS-test3-4.diff.gz (From test3 to test4)

Please note to ALWAYS check a patch before installing it. It makes
good security sense. <DISCLAIMER> Also: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP your
system before using ANY test patch. I, for one, have been running
all these patches without incident, but your mileage may vary.

Please report any problems INSTALLING these patches to me. Report
problems with the patches themselves to David and Alan. After all, I
didn't write all this neat stuff. :-)

-Jonathan ( 03/09/97


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