Re: Linux Networking Status/Plans as of 2.1.28

Andi Gutmans (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 10:23:43 +0200

At 23:20 08/03/97 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
>> This seems to be very buggy. I had to revert back to using a novell server
>> for IPX routing after a year of problems. Even now using linux as a node
>> (with the 2.0.x kernels) it's a bit shakey. ncpfs works well but other
>Ok thats an unusual case. Are you using ipxripd/ipxsapd and which versions
>or mars_uwe.

I was using ipxripd 0.7. After a few hours -> a day inside the computer
farm they wouldn't see the outside world anymore. /proc/net/ipx_route had
about 700 entries (it's a very large network).

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