Re: Linux Networking Status/Plans as of 2.1.28

Alan Cox (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 23:20:37 +0000 (GMT)

> This seems to be very buggy. I had to revert back to using a novell server
> for IPX routing after a year of problems. Even now using linux as a node
> (with the 2.0.x kernels) it's a bit shakey. ncpfs works well but other

Ok thats an unusual case. Are you using ipxripd/ipxsapd and which versions
or mars_uwe.

> 0:57 vipe /home/staff/andi> slist
> slist: No server found in ncp_open
> and one second later it works. it's very strange.

Thats a user mode problem.

> Maybe one can look at FreeBSD code. I'd assume it might work there.

I did they just mashed the xns code, which isnt too like IPX. The end result
of their kernel code looks roughly right now.