Tim Waugh (tmw20@cam.ac.uk)
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 19:10:47 +0000 (GMT)

Is anyone else having trouble with ksymoops not showing disassembled code?
I get output like this:

Using `/boot/System.map' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: c01657ff <inode_getblk+6f/1d0>
Trace: c0165cb8 <ext2_getblk+b8/240>
Trace: c0162e8d <ext2_readdir+1cd/640>
Trace: c012f72e <lookup+ee/110>
Trace: c0126dad <do_open+5d/130>
Trace: c0131b77 <sys_getdents+b7/110>
Trace: c0131990 <filldir>
Trace: c010a618 <system_call+38/40>

Code: c01657ff <inode_getblk+6f/1d0>

The oops_decode.o file that ksymoops creates is deleted after this, but I
modified it so that it leaves it around. objdump -d oops_decode.o gives:

oops_decode.o: file format a.out-i386-linux

Disassembly of section .text:

00000000 <_EIP>:
0: 0f b6 4a 08 movzbl 0x8(%edx),%ecx
4: 8b 80 6c 01 00 movl 0x16c(%eax),%eax
9: 00
a: d3 f8 sarl %cl,%eax
c: 39 44 24 28 cmpl %eax,0x28(%esp,1)
10: 7c 2f jl 41 <_EIP+41>
12: 8b 4c 00 90 movl 0xffffff90(%eax,%eax,1),%ecx
16: 90 nop
17: 90 nop

I'm using binutils- on a libc5 system.

[root@cyberelk /root]# objdump -V
GNU objdump 970202