Re: Tyan Tempest MB

Jurgen Botz (
8 Mar 1997 18:13:23 GMT

In article <>, Kultarr <> wrote:
>My specific problem is the RedHat 4.1 distribution's boot
>disk comes with PCI enabled. Booting with their bootdisk
>means I can't access my hard drives, CD-ROM, etc. which
>pretty much makes doing a nice easy upgrade impossible.
>(Yes, I have already held discussions with their support
>people as well.)

I've hacked up a version of the RedHat 4.1 bootdisk with a
BusLogic driver that has the PCI probing stuff cut out of it.
I did this specifically to work around the Tyan brain damage,
and it works fine here. If you want a copy, let me know...

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