Re: PING Source Code

Trevor Johnson (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 07:45:17 -0800 (PST)

> Could someone tell me where I can find the 'C' source code for a Linux
> compatible PING command. Thank-you.

Title: NetKit
Version: 0.09
Entered-date: Dec 31 1996
Description: Update of NetKit-B-0.08
Collection of basic network tools, fixed and ported
from BSD code. This version supersedes NetKit-B-0.08.
Please note that "NetKit-B-0.07B" was an unauthorized
release - please do not use it and remove it if you see
it anywhere. This version includes several critical
security fixes. Contains: biff comsat finger fingerd
ftp inetd ping rcp rlogin rlogind routed rusersd
rwalld bootparamd rpcgen rpcinfo rsh rshd rusers rwall
rwho rwhod talk talkd telnet telnetd tftp tftpd timed
timedc write writed routed
Keywords: daemons network tools netkit security
Author: various
Maintained-by: (David A. Holland)
Primary-site: /pub/linux/Networking/base
467667 NetKit-0.09.tar.gz
152 NetKit-0.09.tar.gz.sig
Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/system/Network
Platform: Portable; intended for Linux
Copying-policy: BSD
Trevor Johnson <>