Re: tty->count(1) != #fd's(2)

Jon Lewis (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 18:45:53 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Doug Ledford wrote:

> > Feb 27 16:51:46 yoda kernel: Warning: dev (03:b4) tty->count(1) !=
> > #fd's(2) in do_tty_hangup
> > Feb 27 16:51:46 yoda sshd[25049]: log: Closing connection to
> >
> > I only have the new tty/pty devices...the old ones were rm'd many months
> > ago. It seems to me this must be a kernel bug sshd is exposing. I'm
> > using sshd 1.2.17 (ELF) and kernel 2.0.28 on the server.
> think this behavior was introduced. The severity of this bug is effected by
> the exact serial driver in use. It would appear to be harmless to the
> RocketPort and Cyclades drivers (I assume that this is on some of your
> Cyclades ports Jon, and I saw the error on some of my RocketPort ports), but

Actually, this is happening on our shell server on tty/pty devices. There
are no multiport card drivers or even serial.o on that system.

Between the elf_coredump bug, SMP hang bug, and this, we seem to have
numerous serious bugs in 2.0.2x. Any chance of slowing work on 2.1.x so
2.0.x can get fixed?

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