Re: MSR support for x86

H. Peter Anvin (
28 Feb 1997 19:30:28 GMT

Followup to: <Pine.LNX.3.95.970228134013.272A-100000@localhost>
By author: Stephan Meyer <>
In newsgroup:
> > one more thing. What do you think, where is the right place to put 'enable
> > cache/disable cache' functionality? They are driven through the cr[0123]
> > registers in the CPU, not through MSR. I think these two concepts should
> > be integrated somehow. Maybe writing to offset 0123 should set cr[0123]
> > (i would hard-coded mask off certain bits, nobody should be able to
> > disable paging accidentally :)
> This is an interesting suggestion :)
> If we implement this, it should be tightly secured since any user could
> mess around with the 2nd level cache. A possible application could be a
> CPU manager!

I think letting any non-root user messing with the MSRs or anything
like that is asking for trouble in a big way. /dev/msr definitely
should be a root-only device!


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