Weird thing with 3C900

Miguel Armas del Rio (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 17:00:52 +0000 (GMT)

Hi there!

I'm setting up firewall at my University using a Pentium 166/32Mb and two
3c900 ethercards.
I've had two major problems here... first, when there is high network
load, I get a "Transmitter access error" message, and the card hangs
until I reboot the machine. I've been looking around in the driver code
and there is a message saying something about a bug in the card. Is it
really a design problem?

Ok, that was the first problem, now comes the weird part... One day the
terminal started getting trashed (the letters got fuzzy). I thougth it
could be a virus or some kind of attack, but I checked the system using
tripwire and it didn't detect any change. After a lot of headaches and
wasted time, I discovered that when I unplug the 3c900 and use another
card, the problem desapair. If I use another card, but the 3c900 is still
plugged, the problem remains...

Does this makes any sense? Should I throw the 3c900 to /dev/null?
Any suggestion would be appreciated...

PS: Sorry for my english ;)...
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