Re: wierd behaviour...

James C. Tsiao (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 05:32:30 -0800 (PST)

"Michael O'Reilly" <> wrote:

> Init has used nearly 3 times as much CPU as innd. And that innd is
> taking a full feed! As far as I can see, it's because init is
> constantly sync()'ing producing constant runs through the disk queue.

I recently patched the loopback encryption into 2.0.29. Whenever I do
large amount of transfer to the encrypted fs, init gets awfully excited.
The load typically jumps to 2 or 3, and the system would freeze up
several seconds at a time. I haven't had a chance to look deeper into
this, but top (when it gets updated between freezes) shows that init
is one of the big cpu users, along with the file transfer. I'm curious
if this could be related to the above sync() problem.

My system:

- kernel 2.0.29 + des/idea loopback patch
- init 2.60 (yeah, I should upgrade. :-)
- libc 5.4.7
- NCR 53c810 using old NCR driver (BSD version not happy with my
Bernoulli disks)
- ASUS P55T2P4 (Intel HX chipset)

BTW, this "freezing" happens on encrypted fs on both the IDE and SCSI


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