Kernel 2.0.29

Alexander T Fader (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 13:32:42 -0800 (PST)

The Solution:
insmod was failing to find symbol io. io was defined in
/etc/conf.modules as the base address of the card. (2.0.27
apparently added an autodetect, and removed the user definable
option in the process.)

If anyone cares, I'll try to put the user definable method back into
it, just so people don't freak and have to trace init by hand to figure
out why insmod is reporting this.

The problem:

Okay, I've followed the recommendations mail to me to pick up a newer
version of "modules" (sunsite has 2.1.13), The "official" site (
as listed in Docu*/Changes) has 2.0.0 as the lastest (which is what I had

Now, the problem of,
Symbol 'io' not found.

continues. This is NOT the wrong version module problem. I've never had
that - but am posting a simulation of that so you can see the difference:

NOT> Error: The module was compiled on kernel version 2.0.20.
NOT> The kernel is version 2.0.26. They don't match.
NOT> ...

NOR> *** Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.0.29/net/...

(Those are reported by depmod... This problem is from somewhere
else.) - recursive search for "not found." in kernel source now reveals
that this comes from insmod.

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