Problems upgrading

John Coppens (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 14:30:50 -0300

Hello All...

I guess this is not really for this mailing list - maybe for something
more basic, but I'm more or less desperate...

I'm sure I'm doing something stupid... But I've read all Howto's, FAQs,
READMEs and other stuff which remotely seemed related and didn't find any
reference to what happens. I reinstalled everything three times... Here goes:

-Installed Slackware Linux 2.0.0 without a hitch (after several tries,
with errors on my side) after cleaning up the entire disk. Worked
beautifully... Still does.

-I got 2.0.29, uncompressed this as indicated, no problems.
-Followed the README on one console and installed on another, in case I
missed something.
-Followed all MAKE steps, configured (read most of the ?'s) and compiled
everything. As far as I detected, no error were reported.
-Followed the next steps, make modules and module_install, again no
problems. Copied also zImage to /vmlinuz.
-Ran /sbin/lilo, and the boot disk. The complete new kernel started up Ok,
and did not report any error until the last moment, when the system
resolves module dependencies. Then following messages printed:
Can't find ppp
Can't find lp
Can't find slip (didn't include slip in config... why?)
Can't find ne

-Then, a little later, reported not finding the iBCS.o module.

I checked /lib/modules, and no directory 2.0.29 was formed there. I'm
no expert but like to experiment, so I made a link from 2.0.29 to 2.0.0.
This caused these 4 msgs to changed to an error because of the wrong
version, but at least I thought I was nearer. I found the modules in different
directories under /usr/src/Linux and tried to copy them into the correct
subdirs under /lib/modules/2.0.29, but also a (different) error msg came out.

I couldn't find the iBCS file anywhere - I guess this might be in the
modules.2.0.0... archive (?).

Well - the strangest thing is, I have tried before installing 2.1.3x
which went perfectly. I just wanted to install a 2.0.xx version to use in
our BBS, as I read that these versions are more stable. I almost discard the
possibility of a corrupt distribution, because of the error checking of GZ
and I downloaded it from sunsite directly. Just in case: I started out with
a completely empty disc - no leftovers from 2.1.xx or anything else.

Anybody has any idea what went wrong? Maybe a personal answer would be
preferable... Thanks!

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