Re: 2.0.28: Couldn't get a free page

Pedro Ribeiro (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 10:37:08 -0000

> From: Jason Merrill <>
> To:
> Subject: 2.0.28: Couldn't get a free page
> Date: Quinta-feira, 27 de Fevereiro de 1997 1:52
> I'm running 2.0.28 on a P133 from Micron. Periodically things will
> freeze up during heavy disk activity, usually involving a compile. My
> shells and xterms keep working, but I can't even run ps until it
> unfreezes. By unsetting LD_LIBRARY_PATH and running /usr/bin/tail
> /var/log/messages, I can see that the kernel is complaining that it
> "Couldn't get a free page". The computer has 32MB RAM and 96MB swap, of
> which about 80MB is usually free, so it's not running low on space; why
> the kernel having so much trouble?
> I used to run into this on 2.0.23, and thought it was related to NFS,
> perhaps amd's repeated mounting and unmounting, but now it seems
> There have only been four amd mounts today, the last one an hour before
> this latest episode of kernel confusion. The compiles are using local
> Any ideas? This makes it hard to get work done.
> Jason

I'm having the same problem while compiling with GCC, gcc stops compiling
when it receives a signal 11 ( Segmentation violation ) and in the other
console i see that this appens when the phisical memory ends.
gcc can't use virtual memory ?
The same problem appens in a 486 DX4 100 with 16Mb and in a P133 with 32Mb
I'm running kernel 2.0.27 & 2.0.29


Pedro Ribeiro