Re: Error 514 ?

Linus Torvalds (
26 Feb 1997 23:12:18 GMT

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Alan Cox <> wrote:
>In article <>,
>John Wyszynski <> wrote:
>>On 2.1.25: Two program, "amd" and "pppd" fail with a select getting a unknown
>>error of 514. I saw the same thing on 2.1.24. This is on a dual pentium,
>>SMP configuration. Has anyone else seen this one?
>Yes, something very bizarre is going on in the SMP code in .24 and .25 for
>select. Some kind of signal race perhaps. Its got several brains trying
>to pin it down

Fixed in 2.1.27, I'm pretty certain.

Linus "_the_ brain is back" Torvalds