Try out 2.1.27..

Linus Torvalds (
26 Feb 1997 23:05:56 GMT

Ok, I'm back.

Or maybe not exactly "back", but at least I'm trying to be a lot more
responsive now than I have been during the last few months (and the last
weeks in particular). I still don't have any computer at home, though,
so please don't bombard me with all you've got quite yet, but anything
important (mainly patches and major bug-reports) is again being
processed in a reasonably timely manner.

I've put a 2.1.27 kernel on the same old ftp-sites (there will probably
be a US site soon that I'll also upload to), and I might as well warn
you that my default configuration has changed to SMP (so if you want a
non-SMP kernel you have to edit the Makefile for it). I'll try to not
do that in the future, but I forgot about it when I made the tar-files
and patches.

The 2.1.27 kernel does a major ISDN update, along with various other
updates (EATA driver, some vm86 fixes, various minor SMP stuff etc etc).
Please tell me if anything is obviously broken..

Linus "able to go outside in T-shirts in February" Torvalds