Re: NFS bug ?!

Marc Lehmann (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 20:46:08 +0100 (MET)

>> the root_squash option - to my knowledge - is a server-side flag
>> that simply changes uid "0" to uid "-2" or whatever, namely "nobody".

Linux DOES it that way, I looked into the source.. every request by "root"
is handled as if the request would be by "nobody".

>To my knowlege, nfs server plainly denies access for any root-owned file
>when root_squash option is in effect and file mode has a specific value.

since that option is not part of a standard (although almost every nfs implementation
supports somethig like it), the server is free to implement it
in any way it likes...

I don't think, that ignoring every access by root is ok.. consider
a nfs-mounted /usr... or /! root couldn't ecen exec ls if
any access would be forbidden.

>When I experimented with this, I could not write root-owned 0666 file!
>(Althou that nfs server was not linux-based)

the linux nfs server (Universal NFS Server 2.2beta23) does allow
me to append to root-owned 666 files, new files etc.. were created
as nobody/nogroup


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