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According to "American Speech -- A Quarterly of Linguistic Usage",
underware is defined as this:

--underware 1996 Jan 16 InfoWorld 104/1 We classify Linux as underware
because, technically, we can't call it shareware or freeware, especially
if we're talking about one of the professionally supported licenses
versions of Linux. ... So we've arbitrarily ranked it at some nebulous
level below commercial software, at least as far as how it is developed,
updated, and supported. Just between us, our target readership generally
doesn't want to risk using underware in a mission-critical environment.
Feb 27 InfoWorld 108/1-2 (head and text) Former hacker upgrades Linux
from 'underware' to fun-time wonderware / When we first installed Linux
for the purposes of testing it as an Internet gateway, we ran into all
sorts of prblems. But I found this OS [operating system[, which I've
dubbed "underware," very intriguing, so I ordered up a handful of versions
to see if I could stumble on one that would install on my home machine.

Above clipping copyright 1996 by The University of Alabama Press
The Summer 1996 issue of American Speech has an ISSN # 0003-1283.

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