Re: Nasty oops (plural)

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Tue, 25 Feb 1997 23:39:04 -0800 (PST)

> > Linux idles the processor when Linux is idle, consuming less power and
> > generating less heat. If once the CPU is hot, the errors come in
> > droves, then you have inadequate cooling. If CPU temperature doesn't
> > have anything to do with it but load average does, it might be bad
> > RAM or too few wait states (or too slow a refresh period).
> The rc5 client is a great test btw.. its brought down a couple of peoples
> boxes I know that didnt have CPU fans fitted when they should have
speaking of the rc5 client, has anyone else had it behave strange under
linux SMP?

I have a dual-166 system (tyan tomcat II -- I'll give more details if

Running one copy of the client takes about 27 minutes.

If I run 2 copies, each one takes 90 minutes.

I haven't had problems with the machine before not handling cpu intensive
tasks correctly (it has handled me doing a neural net train in parallel with
thumbnail regeneration on 3000 jpeg's).

Also I have found that the older client is faster than the newer client.

I'll look into the speed oddity more, but just figured I'd ask if someone
else had similar syptoms.