2.1.26-patch3: reliable "exception" reports

Joe Fouche (jf@ugcs.caltech.edu)
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:45:35 -0800

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After every SMTP connection (probably after any connection), I get
a message

Feb 25 10:27:47 helix kernel: Exception at [<c01499ff>] (c018f401)

Here are the relevant parts of the symbol map-

c0149830 T ip_cmsg_recv
c01498b0 T ip_cmsg_send
c01499c0 T ip_setsockopt
c014a5b0 T ip_getsockopt

c018fea1 ? common_fixup
c018feac ? src_access_fault
c018feb2 ? dst_access_fault
c018feb8 A _etext
c0190d44 r tvecs

Certainly seems that everything else works (except, as previously mentioned,

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