Re: "What is the !@#$ pathname of Perl on *this* machine?"

Dale R. Worley (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:35:08 -0500

From: Robert de Bath <>

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Dale R. Worley wrote:
> I've implemented a feature to allow the path names of interpreter
> programs in '#!' lines to be abbreviated (and thus,
> machine-independent). Could some people comment on the concept and

It's a nice idea, but it's probably one of those problem thats best
solved at least partially in userspace.

> special file, /proc/interpreters, using a program 'interpctl'.

I _don't_ like the idea of using a special program to do the setting up though.
But if it can be 'programmed' with "cat /etc/xyzzy > /proc/interpreters"
then I'll be happier :-)

The trouble is that being able to use 'cat' would require considerably
more smarts (and state) in the kernel part of the code. This way, I
can require that all changes to the list must result from a *single*
write() call, making the /proc/interpreters device essentially
stateless, and the kernel needs to only do security-related checks.


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