Re: SCSI problems still there

Hugo Van den Berg (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 09:57:10 +0100 ()

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Stephen Davies wrote:

> SCSI support in 2.0.29 has changed from earlier versions but still fails
> for me when I try to tar a SCSI disk to a SCSI tape.
> I have an Adaptec 1542C controller with a 1.1 Gb disk and an Exabyte
> tape plus two IDE disks.

I had a similar setup, with 2 differences, the scsi controler was a 1542B
and the tapedrive a HP DDS drive. Backups of all disks was flawless up to
2.0.27 (The 1542B was replaced with a 2940U after that which is also 100%
OK). I had the 1542B running at a DMA speed of 8Mb/s, which is the fastest
it supports. The 1542C supports 10Mb/s if I'm right, maybe your system
doesn't like this? If kernel code is faster now than in 1.2.13, then
maybe you were not using full throughput before ?

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