Re: Unable to handle kernel paging request

Jon Lewis (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 23:22:47 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Johnny Stenback wrote:

> Yes, this program still causes an oops the first time it is run in
> 2.0.29, the second time it is run it hangs and can't be killed (it
> still causes the oops though). I don't have the knowledge to fix this
> but one thing I did notice is that the program works as expected (ie
> it just segfaults) in 2.1.26, in earlier 2.1.xx kernels (the really

I did a few more tests this evening...and here's what I found. Under
2.0.27 and 2.0.29, on a system using gcc and libc 5.4.17, the test
program oopses. On another system totally a.out (except for its 2.0.29
ELF kernel compiled elsewhere) that uses gcc 2.6.3 and libc 4.7.6, the
test program does nothing but segfault. However, if I compile an ELF
static test program on the above ELF box and run it on the a.out box, I
get the oops and the second run hangs.

So, is it a kernel bug, a libc bug, or both?

BTW...when doing these tests, don't forget to "have" a test file for the
program to open...or nothing interesting happens :)

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