William Sowerbutts (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 22:47:56 +0000

At 20:18 24/02/97 +0200, Yoav Cohen-Sivan wrote:
>I think I've just about had it up to _here_ with the junk being
>propagated to linux-kernel. I think I've just about had it up to _here_
>with people asking completely kernel unrelated questions.
> I think it is time we create a new _closed_ mailing list, everybody can
>join, but there will be a moderator who ruthlessy kicks out anyone
>breaking the "no newbies" rules.
> What do you say?

I say, "Poor, overworked moderator".

This mailing list has a high throughput, sometimes about 100 posts a day
(okay, quite rarely, but it does happen!). Also, it's nice to be able to
get a very quick response to a request for information.

I think the current situation of getting maybe one or two spams a month is
quite acceptable, as long as when we flame we don't all CC the mailing
list, or have threads discussing the spam that are far longer than most
ordinary threads.

Perhaps someone should create a linux-guru and a linux-discussion mailing
list for all of the offtopic posts that occur?

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