Re: HELP !!! - Deleted ooops!

Morgan Sarges (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 11:59:02 -0600

Rudolf Leitgeb wrote:
> I ran into similar problems repeatedly and found only one way to work
> around these troubles:
> 1. You deleted the link and the damage is already done. Try to boot from
> some old 1.2.13 boot disk + root disk (Try to find one or create one from
> some old linux distribution. There is always a way and you can create these
> disks from DOS.) Mount the root partition on your hard disk as /mnt and
> create the link you want. Then reboot from your hard disk and everything
> should work fine. Put the boot disk and the root disk in a safe and have
> heavily armed guards protect them :-)
> 2. Next time make sure, that the dynamic linker always has enough symbols
> to run ln, cp, .... This can be easily achieved by setting and exporting
> the environment variable LD_PRELOAD to the old libc. In your case this
> would have been:
> export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/ if you're using bash,
> setenv LD_PRELOAD /lib/ for tcsh
> _Then_ you can safely remove the old link and create the new
> link to the new libc.
> This procedure should prevent the problems you had.
> Good luck
> Rudi

This should become a mini-HOWTO for linux disaster recovery. Nice job.
I will be hanging this on my wall at home (with additional armed

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