Re: swap space: an idea. Please comment.
Mon, 24 Feb 97 17:09:19 +1000

>> Now the idea.
>> Why not have an (I called) "adaptive" or if you prefer (I don't :)
>> "dynamic" swap file, managed in kernel space, that can grow and shrink
>> when memory is needed and/or released by someone ?

>[ snip ]

>You just described the swapping used by OS/2 and NeXTSTEP. No doubt
>others use the same technique.

>It is slower than a fixed swap partition on a raw device. Some people
>still prefer it.

>It will not solve the ``problem'' with overcommit.

No, but allocating a swap space which has the ability to dynamically change size can alleviate a lot of problems.

I believe that the ideal way is to have a swap partition for the main use which is of moderate size, and also have a dynamic swap file which can expand when it is needed in extreme situations.

Russell Coker