Re: reliability

Raul Miller (
Fri, 07 Feb 1997 08:26:15 -0500

Robert Wuest:
> I wish I could say the same - I've had three crasshes on two
> different machines in the last month. One of them today. No
> messages or oops, I can't repeat it. I had to hit the reset button,
> yuck! Still, it's a lot better than when I was using windows and
> would have to reboot many times a week.

Are those real crashes though?

For example, if you're using X, X sometimes wedges itself so it
doesn't respond to the keyboard.

[Aside: I'm still seeing instabilities in ncp support with 2.0.27, but
that's localized to specific processes now, and doesn't take down the
system as a whole. If I kill all such processes and terminate that
session with the novell server everything starts working normally