Re: CD Jukeboxes

Erik Andersen (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 08:13:26 -0700

On Feb 5, 1997, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I think this should not be limited to SCSI CD changers. There are also
> > (E)IDE CD changers, tape changers, worm changers etc. which would benefit
> > from such a mechanism.
> It seems sensible to map the IDE cdrom changes to "partitions" - ie
> /dev/hda1 /dev/hda2 /dev/hda3 ...
> etc. and auto switch in the driver.
> Alan

Alan, As the ide cdrom maintainer, and the one who added all the ide
cdrom changer support for the 2.1.x kernels (some large changes), I'd be
glad to work on this, but I have no idea how to get started. How would
I map each slot to a different device? I have already added code that
lets you easily detect how many slots are available, and which slots
have CDs in them, and which slot is the current slot, etc... How does
one then map each slot to a different "partition"? Doing such things is
quite far out from the areas I am experienced in. If anybody does know
how to do this, and wants to help out, I am more than open to help.


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