Questions on performance issue...

Myung-gyu Hwang (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 11:33:55 +0900

Dear Linuxers

I'm currently planning to build a server machine that transfers realtime
multimedia data via ethernet interfaces.

I'm planning to use Linux as the OS, PCI Fast Ethernet cards on top
of a dual PentiumPro 200MHz machine. There are some questions:

1) If the server software consists of several concurrent processes,
how fast will it run compared to single Pentium 166MHz machine?
(Ignore other aspects except CPU performance)

2) I'm considering two 100BaseT cards -- Intel EtherExpressPro100B and
SMC EtherPower10/100 . Which is better? (Pure speed and
CPU utilization aspects) How much ?

3) The server also will have a AHA2940UW card. By default, the card
runs with 'ultra speed' feature turned off. If I use it for hard disks,
(for example, Barracuda) can I speed it up to 'ultra speed' ?

That's all. Any comment would be appreciated. TIA.

  Myung-gyu Hwang (