depmod oopses

todd roy (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 12:02:42 -0500

> Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:09:29 -0500
> From: Janos Farkas <>
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> On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, todd roy wrote:
> > This just in: the objdump included with binutils- doesn't appear to
> > recognize the -k option.
> Most probably it doesn't have the "encap hacks" older binutils had.. Try
> rm-ing (or mv to a safe place) `which encap`, and in this case the kernel
> Makefile will detect the new style binutils, and resist using -k...
> If it works, do remember to summarize for others.. :)
> Janos

okay, it worked, thanks Janos - here's that summary.

If your module utilites (depmod/modprobe/insmod etc.) oops with
the latest kernels. (I first observed this behaviour with 2.1.24, but it
is definitly still there with 2.1.25).

1. Ensure that have the lastest modutils (modutils-2.1.23.tar.gz) compiled
and installed.

2. I've been told to upgrade to "at least" binutils but I only
found binutils- in packages/GCC on tsx-11, however there was binutils-
in private/tofu, so I tried that.

3. If your objdump from stops recognizing the -k or --raw options,
drop encaps (I found mine at /usr/bin) into the bit bucket or rename it
and try again.

-- todd --