ppp problems with 2.1.x

Pierre-Martin Tardif (tardif@gel.ulaval.ca)
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 03:23:03 GMT

Here is an example of output I got since I upgraded to 2.1.x.
I waited for 1 month for patches to solve this problem (if it is
kernel related). Can you help me ?

Got with `dmesg`:

pa=7220CB84/FFFFFFFF brd=00000000 dst=3A20CB84
SIFFL ppp0(pppd)
ppp0(pppd) changes state fl=00000051 pa=7220CB84/FFFFFFFF brd=00000000
pppd forgot to specify route netmask.
TCPv4 bad checksum from 3a20cb84:0014 to 7220cb84:0418,

Is it something with pppd, route, the kernel or am I missing
something ?


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